Individual Athletes

From amateur to semi-professional and professional athletes, Prime Coach has a strength and conditioning program to fit your training needs. Self-screen your movements, select your training season period, set your training schedule, monitor your fatigue levels, assess your progress and connect with a sports specific coach to reach your full athletic potential.

For Teams

No matter what your sport, Prime coach is the perfect addition to your team. Our intelligent online strength and conditioning programmes can be tailored to individual team members based on fitness level and athletic ability. From selecting specific training season periods and comparing test results to monitoring fatigue levels and everything in-between, Prime Coach helps your team members reach their fitness goals.

Youth Athletes

Our strength and conditioning programmes have been designed by specialist coaches who’ve worked with some of the best youth athletes in the world. Let Prime Coach help you take your training to the next level with smart online strength and conditioning coaching specifically tailored to your sport and athletic ability.