Team Builder

Effortlessly build your coaching team and team of players with Prime Coach. Build your coaching team and assign them with custom roles and permissions. Plus create accounts for each team player and add their sports specific details, including their position played, fitness level, athletic experience and more.

Programme Builder

Create your own strength and training programmes based on over 500 videos in the Prime Coach Exercise Library, or follow our pre-set performance programmes created by experienced sports and strengthening coaches.

Track Your Athletes

Know exactly how your team members are tracking with Prime Coach. Access athlete's reports such as their well-being scale, training details, training intensity, and volume and number of performed or engaged sessions to monitor their progress. Easily share reports with other coaches to ensure the whole coaching team’s in the loop. Also use the leader board to highlight the best performer within the team at any given time.


Test your team’s performance and easily adjust training programmes based on results. With Prime Coach, you can easily design your own testing protocols for your teams, as well as continuously monitor results and compare them with previous reports using our Testing Reports.